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CASE No. 68 -The Whistling Gristle Mystery (part one)

It was quiet in the city after the rain and I was drowsing at my desk in that dark no-man’s land time of night between 3 am and dawn. There may have been a half-empty bottle beside the shaded lamp, or it may have been half full. Outside in the street below there came an oddly familiar rattling sound, followed by the piping whistle of a lilting tune, and in the next moment my door crashed open.

My visitor had evidently dropped a flash-bang as he entered, for he stood in a small cloud of sickly yellow smoke, back-lit from the landing. He was taller than average and wider too, but his form silhouetted in the doorway was indistinct and blurred as if it was underwater. he seemed to be robed from head to foot in some dark material, and holding a staff bearing a pair of horns, which he waved in my direction as if he wished to intimidate me.

“This is a warning!” he rasped through the wreathing smoke. “Do not present your evidence!”

I deduced that it was not the Easter Bunny, but a rather plump sprite of some sort, and probably harmless.

“Don’t quite follow, old beanpole. You’ll have to be more specific. Or make an appointment. I’m free all next week. M’secretary is damnably ureliable, but what can you do? It is the holiday season, after all, and – “


He shook his staff and taking a pace forward he suddenly doubled up in a paroxysm of coughing as the smoke caught his throat.

“Have a drink. Come and sit down and tell me all about it. Bottoms up! Happy Easter. There, better now?”

“Hem!” He settled in the chair opposite and leaned his staff against the desk. “Listen. This number sixty-eight you’ve been investigating. Certain members of particular establishments will be very unhappy if you make your research freely available, see? Ahem!”

“Can’t say I’m bothered. It’s Infinite Law, and you can’t argue with that. And really it’s about time the WOT faced the problems of the Third Chapter, don’t you think?”

“No! It is not to be tolerated! the last two thousand years can’t be undone, see? You cannot ask hearts and minds who have just escaped tyranny to return voluntarily to captivity! Those verses are to be ignored, those names must not be mentioned!” He seized his staff again and the horns waggled above the desk.

“Look, calm down, will ya? No names, no packdrill, I know the score, pal. But even so, they were written in on purpose, deliberately, wouldn’t you agree? Can’t make mistakes in a Holy Book, y’know. I mean, it just wouldn’t do.”

“Hah!” He banged his staff on the floor.

“So, it’s logical to suppose that they’re there for us to re-examine,” I continued unperturbed, “to reconsider, to re-interpret for this new aeon that we are apparently launching ourselves into.”

“The companies I represent are not interested in old aeon gods!” he barked uncertainly.

“Neither am I, old stick. But you shouldn’t ignore the principle of life. And we all share the ambition of causing change, or am I misinformed?”

He chewed his lip and frowned.

“Tell you what, though. I’m a reasonable sort of a gal. I’ll present my evidence, or some of it, but I’ll do it in a roundabout way, and I won’t mention any names. How does that grab you?”

“And no pictures!”

“One picture.” I had remembered the tune.

He coughed again and reaching into his robe he produced an enormous spliff.

“One picture then.” He sighed. “Have you got a light, mac?”

“No, but I’ve got a dark brown overcoat.”




Sounds From Under the Garden of Cockle-shells



Every woman has the privilege and therefore the responsibility
of re-affirming woman’s true nature as Worshipper of the Goddess – Priestess of Maat,
– Follower of Isis.





Every woman has the privilege and therefore the responsibility to acknowledge the two Goddesses, Queens united as The Empress who is One even as Woman is One.

Every woman has the privilege and therefore the responsibility
to create and maintain a harmonious unity of the two Goddesses:
Isis, who nurtures the status quo,
and Maat, who demands action and change.juliet


Every woman is the Goddess,
Who is None, and Two.

Every woman has the privilege and therefore the responsibility

to define and inspire a Hero.

Troubadours of Bombay


….The thing is, the men who did the translating of the Bible for King James the First (and Sixth) weren’t simpletons. All but one were ordained clergy – the odd one out had been Queen Elizabeth’s Greek tutor – and most held fairly high positions in the Church, and in the Colleges of Eton, Oxford, and Cambridge. There were 47 of these scholarly gentlemen, including Queen Elizabeth’s personal chaplain; there were child prodigies who could read the Bible in Hebrew at the age of five; there were popular preachers and Calvinist firebrands, one or two of whom had travelled and worked in Europe and most likely did a bit of espionage for the Crown while they were about it. The personal chaplain of Robert Dudley, the unlucky Earl of Leicester, was also among that number. The translators worked in half a dozen teams, called Companies, each having a section of the Bible to go at: they would debate the translations as they went along, and the final test of the day’s work was to have it read aloud to the Company, as if preaching to a congregation. They started in 1604 and finished seven years later.

They knew what they were doing, these scholars. They understood the language of symbols and of myth. They were all incredibly well educated, fluent in Latin and Greek and Hebrew; some were unremarkable except for their scholarship; and others were well known at Court, where they doubtless conversed with other luminaries of the period: the poets and playwrights, the foreign ambassadors, and the Rosicrucians, the alchemists and astrologers and

Which makes it all the more strange that they chose to make the Latin noun lucifer (meaning the morning star, or as an adjective, light-bringing) into a proper name in Isaiah’s rather peculiar rant against the King of Babylon. Elsewhere in the KJB we find the word translated as “morning star” or “day star” and in the most pleasant and inspiring contexts. In the Book of Job there is the promise of a life brighter than noon so that darkness is merely that of dawn, while 2 Peter 1:19 states plainly that the morning star will “rise in your hearts.” And there are other, more precise references, to Jesus.


King James’ translators may have had some knowledge of Canaanite mythology; they would certainly have been cognisant of Phaeton, who drove the Chariot of the Sun and whose name means “shining one”, and of course the Goddess Venus and her planet were very accessible in the Age of the Virgin Queen. It is inconceivable therefore that these learned men would have concluded that the Hebrew word heylel – “shining one” or “light-bearer”, or the Greek translation heosphorus – “bringer of dawn” or “morning star”, or the Latin Vulgate lucifer had anything even remotely in common with a career-minded angel who was punished by his boss and doomed to stay on the naughty step for all eternity.

luciferIsaiah seems to be making such an association, but even so, why draw attention to it by putting in the capital letter and thus inventing a name for the phenomenon of pre-dawn light and the pearly-diamond radiance of Venus in the brightening Eastern sky?

 Elaborate Elizabethan joke? Hoax? A slip of the quill, a printing error? – not likely!

A marker, then, a little spike in an otherwise flat-line read-out, like a slightly raised paving stone that one might trip or stumble on…a clue to a mystery which those scholars (or some of them at any rate) were privy to, a secret too dangerous to think about in a period when a man might easily wake up to find himself on the wrong side of the law, be it state or church, and suddenly in mortal danger and peril: a pre-existing secret, buried in the Hebrew tradition but not of their devising.


Whether or not the translators intended to make it so, the name Lucifer is interesting. Who, or what, is he/she/it? Surely not the morning star Venus, because, well, that’s Venus, right?

I’m not a Bible scholar. I know the Hebrew alphabet, and that’s about as far as it goes.

I’m an English Qaballist.


LUCIFER adds to 110 in E.Q. This is the value of GREATER, STRONGER, and POWERFUL, appropriately enough. 110=QUARTER, meaning one fourth, which might suggest a fourfold formula. The number 110 is a multiple of 11, which reminds me HAD=11, the manifestation of the Star Goddess Nuit. The number 1 brings us back to the four since ONE=46, where the 6 being the value of LAW makes the numeric symbol 46 a Fourfold Law. So to begin with we have a description of some characteristics pertaining to Lucifer: the strength and power of the manifested Stellar Goddess NUIT=78 whose reward is 87=FOURFOLD.

Lucifer is the Light-Bearer. LIGHT(=64) + BEARER(=95) = 159 = UTTERMOST, the only single word of that value in the Lexicon of Liber AL.


Lucifer, according to the English Qaballa, is The Starlight.

Which is as it should be.

Once again, our Qaballa does not violate or outrage, though it may surprise…

BEARER=95. This is the value of THE STAR, and AQUARIUS. Aquarius is of course the




Aquarius then bears A LIGHT(=65) which is the WATER(=65) being endlessly poured out from the vessel.

AQUARIUS(=95) is THE STAR(=95). It carries a light, which is not The Light, but it is UTTERMOST = 159 = LIGHT-BEARER and THE STARLIGHT.

The difference between LUCIFER=110 and LIGHT-BEARER=159 is 49, which is the value of KEY. If we add the KEY(=49) to AQUARIUS(=95) we come to another Title of this fascinating character, MORNING STAR = 144 = 49+95.

It’s beginning to look like Lucifer is the name of the Water-Bearer.

AQUARIUS = 95 = SELF-SLAIN. This personage carries their own life-light, in the vessel containing the BLOOD=42=STAR of AQUARIUS, as a woman bears the life-WATER of A LIGHT within her womb: she also is self-slain by her menstrual cycle. (WOMAN=46 + MOON=49 = 95 = AQUARIUS=95, whose reward is 59=YONI).

So, the Zodiac Sign and constellation of Aquarius are essentially feminine, giving and nurturing; and have the Name and Title of Lucifer.

Lucifer is Aquarius, the first Zodiac Sign of the New Year, when the days are growing longer as the Solar light returns, and Spring begins to look possible again.aquarius

A bit tenuous, this argument? The evidence somewhat circumstantial? – bordering on downright flimsy?

I thought so.

Then I remembered that Aquarius rules the lower leg, between the knee and the foot. And there, in the anatomical classification, is a muscle rejoicing in the name extensor hallucis longus, whose function is to lift the big toe away from its fellows, thereby allowing light to penetrate the gap.

That kind of synchronicity warms the cockles of an E. Qaballist’s heart, it really does. Most satisfactory.




God is tricky. I mean, it’s a tricky word. Tends to get conflated with the Hebrew deity, and as I’ve suggested elsewhere, we are in a position to attempt a new and hopefully more entertaining definition…

…even though trying to define God these days is a bit like trying to define the “Spirit of Cricket”. We’ve all got an idea of what we mean, and we broadly agree in the most general terms, but precise definitions are somewhat elusive at best, and we come closest when describing what it isn’t. Atheists have a pretty clear notion of what it is that they don’t believe in; and the willow-and-leather brigade know very well when something “isn’t cricket.”


outAnd nobody enquires too closely into matters of Creation, which is supposedly God’s area of expertise.


Which is odd, since Magick is all about creation, and Creation is all about magick.


But I digress.



The word GOD has the value 24 in E.Q. which is the value of the letter T. This immediately brings up an association with the 32nd Path, and all the symbolism that pertains thereunto. 24 is the number ascribed by AL II:76 to the Manifest Kether on the Complete Tree, and T is the letter given to Tiphareth.

OK so far? – not a bad fit with the old Judeo-Christian correspondences, I suggest…


Right. (Well, we had to start somewhere).


                 – Forward!


GOD can be written as GO D. As Crowley said, one’s function is to GO; and D=6=LAW.
The word then becomes a glyph of the Law of GO-ing.



G=11 and O=7, so in numbers these two letters read 11, 7 or 117. This is the value of Kether manifest in the Domain of Time. It is the value of GEMINI and THE LIGHT. It’s worth noting that this doesn’t violate any traditional ideas, it simply puts them together differently…

GOD=24=NOW. And that’s how come God is everywhere, all the time.

An easy E. Qaballistic definition of GOD comes out as “the irresistible impulse to motion, for the transmutation of which a sacrifice is necessary, that is continuously happening everywhere.” We might add something about the apparent dualities, but that’s a different story…

So, is it just a single omnipresent deity with all the authority, power of life’n’death, judge, jury, benefactor and executioner, all rolled into one? – or is it a crowd of gods and other beings in various states of deshabille all rompin’ about from Olympus to Valhalla, proddin’ the mortals and having a jolly fine time? – and are they (or is it) above us, or  below?

We can do better than this binary black or white bickering and Right but Repulsive/Wrong but Romantic reasoning. We have three more planets functioning in our philosophy than the neo-platonists could have dreamed of, not to mention several new gods who are not affiliated to the planets. We are living in a time when we can think of our planet hanging in space, with no particular up or down and only a few miles of terrestrial substance between us and eternity. We are living in a time when we can think of a cat shut up in a box with a decaying radioactive isotope, and comprehend the notion that the cat is both alive and dead.

Schrodinger, who came up with that idea, also said “The number of minds in the Universe is One.”

So we should be able to cope with ONE=46, MANY=51=ONES.


Do you like apples?

I read a lot about Adam and Eve, how they’re all happy and nekkid together until the bad ol’ serpent comes along and wakes them up to the crude realities of life beyond Paradise, and how it’s all Eve’s fault. Most of all, Eve is to blame. It’s the woman’s fault. As usual.

But it isn’t, or at least it shouldn’t be, coz that’s sexist, right? At least, it seems sexist now

….does it even matter, when we’re all supposed to be trying ever so hard to be modern and equal and the same and indistinguishable, and pretend that nothing was ever written about polarity…but that’s another story…

I want to do the Adam and Eve story.

I’m an English Qaballist and I use numbers to link ideas across all traditions in the matrix of my mother-tongue. This is how I would tell the story…

The Snake is there to initiate Eve.
It’s Kundalini doing Her thing.
Then by means of the apple, with the pentagram hidden inside symbolising the Four Elements plus Spirit, and also the conjoined power of the Sun and Venus, Eve initiates Adam.  (107=SUN+VENUS=THE SNAKE, or if you prefer, SERPENT=131=UNIVERSE).

WOMAN=46=ONE which is to say that everything comes from the female principle, which makes the business with the rib a bit tricky except in quite primitive symbolic terms (it’s a crescent-shaped bone, reminiscent of the New Moon).

The Fall is quite simply spiritual evolution. And how we get from disincarnation in Heaven to being born on Earth.

Woman serves evolution, Man serves Woman. :::  Oh yes, everything that a man does (the big important stuff) is done for a Woman. Doesn’t necessarily mean a flesh-and-blood female, could be an image or a character in a story.

No-one knows why women do what they do.

Woman is a weird creature, she bleeds but she doesn’t die, she is One and therefore She is None. Woman has such unity that she is endlessly divided, she is suffused with an emptiness that is the all-containing negativity which inspires the positive Will To Be, which is how stuff happens.

Ever noticed how all the heroes are given their marching orders by a goddess?

I had this answer


What is English Qaballa?

Disturbing, that’s what it is.

‘Coz it works.

As a highly esteemed fellow magickian once said, it always does.

Having learned the Order and Value of the English Alphabet, one adds up the values of words and finds correlations with the values of words in the Book of the Law. Thus, for example, GNOSIS has the same value as WISDOM, which is appropriate enough; and then there are other words in Liber AL which one can approach in a more abstract fashion, such as WATER, and WINE, which are suggestive of alchemical transformation, and which add to one’s understanding of the concept of GNOSIS. The value is 65, but that’s another story.


The number is the primary symbol in which all the ideas evoked by the words coalesce, and the Lexicon of Liber AL vel Legis (supplemented with the names of the Zodiac Signs and planets) provides the template against which we measure what we get from our number-crunching, the established correspondences of the English Qaballa to which we refer all our questions.

(By the way, that question never came up in my conversation with Gordon White…)


It’s been a long, slow voyage…


About thirty years ago I planted the ambition of seeing the English Qaballa published by an up-front publisher rather than doing it privately. And thanks be to the Company of Heaven for shining the light on the door of the Hadean Press, and making sure that all the necessary threads coalesced at the appropriate time.

Nothing happens in isolation.


In this book we have compiled a full introduction to the English Qaballistic system of initiatory magickal alpha-numeric correspondences revealed in the vocabulary of Liber AL vel Legis. The methods of E.Qaballistic working, and the most significant numeric symbols, are described in detail, and the unequivocal solution to AL II:76 is clearly explained. The effects of initiation by E.Q. and the reasons behind the Ordeal X are also dealt with. This book presents a genuinely consistent and coherent view of magickal reality underpinned by the integrity of pure numbers, and shows the reader how easily it may be attained. We’ve made it  easy to read for beginners and for experienced occultists alike – for, as a Brother of the O.’.A.’.A.’. Second Order said recently, “E.Q. is best explained as if to children.”
One of the nice things about the English Qaballa is that it proves the divine origin of the Book of the Law: the numerical correspondences work, and that is beyond human devising. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, coherent and complete alternative to the dualistic conflicts of the Western Occult Tradition and its historically patriarchal systems; if you are interested in a practical system of self-initiation synchronised with astrological phenomena, which integrates all other systems, past and present, through the unassailable purity of numbers – a system which explains II:76, and the significance of the five-pointed star, and Woman as Goddess leading Man as Beast, and those dodgy bits in Chapter Three – to say the least! – then this might just suit you.
Unfortunately another important thing about the English Qaballa is that it was not discovered by Aleister Crowley, nor by Achad, nor by any of their adherents, even though the original manuscript holds a major clue in the curious grid on Sheet 16 of the third chapter. So if you’re looking for more Crowleyanity, or if you’re worried about the health and safety of your sacred cows, go your way, and think not more upon this lie.

Here’s the Star of the English Qaballistic alphabet.

“The order & value of the English Alphabet” AL II:55

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