I read a lot about Adam and Eve, how they’re all happy and nekkid together until the bad ol’ serpent comes along and wakes them up to the crude realities of life beyond Paradise, and how it’s all Eve’s fault. Most of all, Eve is to blame. It’s the woman’s fault. As usual.

But it isn’t, or at least it shouldn’t be, coz that’s sexist, right? At least, it seems sexist now

….does it even matter, when we’re all supposed to be trying ever so hard to be modern and equal and the same and indistinguishable, and pretend that nothing was ever written about polarity…but that’s another story…

I want to do the Adam and Eve story.

I’m an English Qaballist and I use numbers to link ideas across all traditions in the matrix of my mother-tongue. This is how I would tell the story…

The Snake is there to initiate Eve.
It’s Kundalini doing Her thing.
Then by means of the apple, with the pentagram hidden inside symbolising the Four Elements plus Spirit, and also the conjoined power of the Sun and Venus, Eve initiates Adam.  (107=SUN+VENUS=THE SNAKE, or if you prefer, SERPENT=131=UNIVERSE).

WOMAN=46=ONE which is to say that everything comes from the female principle, which makes the business with the rib a bit tricky except in quite primitive symbolic terms (it’s a crescent-shaped bone, reminiscent of the New Moon).

The Fall is quite simply spiritual evolution. And how we get from disincarnation in Heaven to being born on Earth.

Woman serves evolution, Man serves Woman. :::  Oh yes, everything that a man does (the big important stuff) is done for a Woman. Doesn’t necessarily mean a flesh-and-blood female, could be an image or a character in a story.

No-one knows why women do what they do.

Woman is a weird creature, she bleeds but she doesn’t die, she is One and therefore She is None. Woman has such unity that she is endlessly divided, she is suffused with an emptiness that is the all-containing negativity which inspires the positive Will To Be, which is how stuff happens.

Ever noticed how all the heroes are given their marching orders by a goddess?