In this book we have compiled a full introduction to the English Qaballistic system of initiatory magickal alpha-numeric correspondences revealed in the vocabulary of Liber AL vel Legis. The methods of E.Qaballistic working, and the most significant numeric symbols, are described in detail, and the unequivocal solution to AL II:76 is clearly explained. The effects of initiation by E.Q. and the reasons behind the Ordeal X are also dealt with. This book presents a genuinely consistent and coherent view of magickal reality underpinned by the integrity of pure numbers, and shows the reader how easily it may be attained. We’ve made itĀ  easy to read for beginners and for experienced occultists alike – for, as a Brother of the O.’.A.’.A.’. Second Order said recently, “E.Q. is best explained as if to children.”
One of the nice things about the English Qaballa is that it proves the divine origin of the Book of the Law: the numerical correspondences work, and that is beyond human devising. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, coherent and complete alternative to the dualistic conflicts of the Western Occult Tradition and its historically patriarchal systems; if you are interested in a practical system of self-initiation synchronised with astrological phenomena, which integrates all other systems, past and present, through the unassailable purity of numbers – a system which explains II:76, and the significance of the five-pointed star, and Woman as Goddess leading Man as Beast, and those dodgy bits in Chapter Three – to say the least! – then this might just suit you.
Unfortunately another important thing about the English Qaballa is that it was not discovered by Aleister Crowley, nor by Achad, nor by any of their adherents, even though the original manuscript holds a major clue in the curious grid on Sheet 16 of the third chapter. So if you’re looking for more Crowleyanity, or if you’re worried about the health and safety of your sacred cows, go your way, and think not more upon this lie.